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Visiting or joining a daytime Lodge particularly if you are less keen to drive in the dark, eat late in the evening or are a shift worker but still want to enjoy your Masonry then Portsmouth Temperance Lodge No. 2068 could be for you. They meet at Cosham and Tyle at 10 am and have generally finished dining by 1.30 pm.

The Lodge was consecrated 16th Feb 1885 and reflected the social reforms of the time with the founding principles of temperance. However, the Lodge has moved with the times to allow alcohol purchased at the bar to be consumed (but never provided by the lodge). At the Festive Board they retain the Phrase ‘To Take Refreshment’ rather than ‘Take Wine’.

A very friendly and welcoming Lodge which is also characterised by striving to maintain the dignity of the ceremonies but endeavouring to conduct the general business of the lodge in a non-stuffy way.

Visiting or Joining a Past Masters Lodge. Portsmouth & District Masters Lodge No. 5990 meets at Cosham and is specifically for Past Masters, however, Master Masons are welcome as guests. It does not conduct the usual progression ceremonies but instead provides the opportunity for a social gathering and forum for the Advancement of Masonic Knowledge through very interesting lectures delivered either by members or guest speakers followed by discussion.

The Lodge meets 4 times a year and as it is a Past Masters Lodge, the fees for 2022 are only £50 for Brethren who are subscribing Members of at least one other Craft Lodge, 

Attending a Quarterly Communication meeting at Grand Lodge. When in the chair as WM, a day in London visiting Grand Lodge with your Wardens (your Lodge’s representatives to Grand Lodge) at a quarterly communication meeting is a wonderful experience and a great memory you will be able to look back on for years to come.