Capstan Group Update October 2022

The group has successfully survived the difficult covid period and is again fully operational. It has, however, lost a number of members over the last 2 years and could benefit from some new faces joining them. Hopefully some of the Lodge Almoners will generate some interest amongst their elderly brethren, widows and widowers.

Currently, an “in depth” analysis of which Lodges have attendees and support the group is in progress. Early indications show that out of all of the Lodges in our S/E catchment area only 18 are represented amongst those who attend and these figures somewhat concerning.

On the news front, a fabulous meeting was held to celebrate the Queens 70 year reign. It was a few days out few days out but who cares, the indoor “garden party” was without a doubt a success. The Capstan Team decorated the hall and tables with lots of bunting before everyone sat down to a great lunch. All in all a definite success. Some pictures are shown below

An “open house” event is being held at the luncheon on 27th October for anyone interested in seeing what we are about. The details have been circulated to the VO’s for their respective Lodges but to date there have not been any extra bookings.

Future date for your dairy Capstan Group AGM 11th February 2023, 10.30a.m. at the Purbrook Centre, all welcome especially Lodge Almoners.

Pictures from the Jubilee meeting

Well done team!