Two Fifty Year Certificates?

Michael Slack, PJGD was meant to be presented with his 50 certificate for being in masonry by the Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, Ian Chandler.

Left to right: W. Bro Adrian Cleightonhills, APGM, Hants. and Isle of Wight, W. Bro Michael Slack and W. Bro Frank Milner, Provincial Grand Secretary, Hants. and Isle of Wight
W. Bro Mike Slack with R.W. Bro Ian Chandler, PGM, Surrey

Whilst the presentation took place, unfortunately the certificate was nowhere to be found so Ian promised to put it “in the post” as they say. Mike is also a member of the boating Lodge in Hampshire, Spinnaker 9932, so  Hampshire took up the challenge and decided to obtain the certificate from Surrey and kindly not only presented the original Surrey certificate to him but also presented one of their own. As a result, Mike is now the proud owner of two 50 years certificates. The photograph shows him with the Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, R.W. Bro Ian Chandler, and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master Hants. and Isle of Wight, W. Bro Adrian Cleightonhills, accompanied by Provincial Grand Secretary of Hants. and Isle of Wight, W. Bro Frank Milner. You may be wondering why Mike is wearing a blazer. This is part of dispensation from the Province of Hampshire that the dress for meetings is blazers, chinos and deck shoes.