Chairman’s Address – Spring 2022

Brethren, with most Covid restrictions now lifted Freemasonry is slowly returning to some level of normality with physical meetings once again taking place allowing us to enjoy the social discourse which is so important to us all, but we must not forget that this insidious disease has not gone away and there are many Brethren who are still uncomfortable about attending meetings, it is imperative we remain in contact and support these Brethren until in their own time they feel it safe to return.

You would have thought a world pandemic would be enough for the international community to deal with, but no, at the time of writing the Russian invasion of Ukraine is in full swing, I do not intend to comment at length as it is being covered in depth on all the news outlets, other than to state no Sovereign power has a right to impose itself on another, but as Freemasons we have where possible a duty to assist in relieving the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, I would therefore if you have the means to do so encourage you to donate to the UGLE fund set up for that purpose.    

On a much brighter note I offer my hearty Congratulations to all those who will be appointed or promoted in Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge, this year we have the added benefit of the Provincial AGM for the first time being held in Freemasons Hall at Great Queens St, who would not wish to receive their honour in the splendour of the Grand Temple !!. Brethren enjoy your new ranks and celebrate with your friends and family. These awards are for the hard and very appreciated work you have already performed and the work I am sure you will continue to do for the benefit of the craft.

The South East Area Website has been completely revamped and now contains far more information than before, including a calendar of events via which you will shortly be able to access Lodge Agendas, so I urge you to visit it and see for yourselves.

Take Care Brethren and I look forward to enjoying your company at a future meeting.