For a number of years, the South East Area has had several groups serving the brethren and Lodges. All of these groups have in some way brought information to brethren about Lodge meetings / social events. However, they only received the information if they were subscribed to those groups. We now intend to bring them all together in one group.

South East Band of Brothers

Registering with the SEBOB on Team App will enable you to receive information on lodge meetings, for example, Burns Nights, White tables, Ladies Nights, Social Events, in and outside of the Lodge, in the South East Area

1. Working Brethren / Officer

Team App can be used to request assistance when a Lodge needs support in the way of an officer/brother who is a willing stand-in, take an office at the lodge meeting or deliver a part of the ceremony

2. Supporting Brethren

For the brethren who like to visit, support a lodge, attend a special meeting, an official visit, or an interesting lecture, Team App informs them of these opportunities. It is also ideal for those who are taking a step into their first office or progressing, so they are able to support a lodge whilst watching the lodge working.

For more information contact.

  • W.Bro. Adrian Ridley – 0770 756 3214 – or
  • W.Bro. Keith Bowen – 07765 536220 –

3. Newly Admitted Masons / Progressing to Officer

For the newly admitted, Light Blues, and those progressing in office for the first time, why not offer to act as the candidate when a lodge has not got a progressive candidate for Initiation, passing or raising and is left with the prospect of a demonstration. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy the experience of the ceremony again with no pressure.

4. Social Events

Team App offers the opportunity to promote your events to brethren who particularly enjoy the social side of Freemasonry, along with their families, friends and guests.

Team App will keep them informed of opportunities to support lodges at white tables and events such as summer BBQs and Ladies Nights. It also includes events in the community of the South East Area. If you have an event coming up, register it on the App.

For more information contact Bro Chris Avery – 07586614959 –

All you need to do is register with SEBOB on Team App, only your email address is required to register and for those on Facebook search for “SEBOB”

How to join South East Band Of Brothers on Team App

Smart Phone, Tablet, or iPad – download Team App from the App Store or Google Play. PC or laptop via You can then register to receive regular information and updates:

  1. Tap search from the main screen or press the “find your team/club” icon.
  2. Search for “SEBOB”
  3. Tap to become a member.
  4. Await admin approval
  5. Check and Amend any details (only Name and Email are required)
  6. Turn on “Notifications”

Please note, that anyone not wishing to use the App can still register and receive the information by email. Contact W.Bro. Graham Lant to register.

Join up, have a look, you will be surprised at the information available there, making it easy to access all in one place. Further assistance can be obtained for all sections of the “SEBOB” Team App from W.Bro. Graham Lant – 07917816922 –